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Since 1986

Family owned and operated

Formerly Save A Bug

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Turn your Volkswagen into the car of your dreams - come to SAB Imports, Inc. to customize your VW products. We have tons of experience customizing Volkswagen products. These vehicles are a huge step above other vehicles out there; that's why you need to come to the best technicians for your custom job.

Customize your Volkswagen

Type of Volkswagen does not matter; we're specialized in making your vehicle look and perform at its best. We can work on your VW Beetle, Karmann Ghia or even a bus.

Call the specialists to have your car at its best

Let the experts at SAB Imports restore your vintage vehicle to its original appearance and perform better than before. You can trust your local Volkswagen specialists to get the job done right at the first time. Call today to schedule your service.


Do you have a vintage Volkswagen?

Turn your Volkswagen into the car of your dreams - let our professionals customize your vehicle.

Let us customize your Volkswagen.